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EC Pops is refreshingly whimsical take on a gourmet popcorn store located in the heart of Ellicott City.

Our Location

No, we didn’t choose Main Street in Ellicott City by accident! After the heartbreaking events of the Ellicott City flood in 2016, our owner and operator was inspired by how the Ellicott City community came together. It was then that we decided we had to build our store in the center of this energetic, determined, and historic locale. As part of the Main Street reconstruction efforts, EC Pops opened in the spring of 2017 selling a wide variety of gourmet popcorn treats, imaginative sweets, and eclectic soda pops. As you walk down Main Street, you’ll hear our exciting music, smell our freshly-popped popcorn, and see our creative store windows from a block away!

Our Product

We called upon our fond memories of childhood when it came to choosing our flagship product—popcorn. All of our employees are passionate about purveying the perfect popcorn, and the 50+ flavors lining our shelves are proof. From the candied and sweet, like Berry Strawberry, to the amazingly cheesy, like All-American Bacon Cheddar, there is a flavor for everyone. Making Maryland’s favorite popcorn is a tall task, and all of our popcorn is hand-popped and covered with flavorful seasonings, enrobed in decadent chocolate, and loaded with high-quality cheeses in the back of our flagship store.

In Our Store

In our store, we offer our gourmet popcorn in several sizes of bags, gourmet popcorn gift baskets, gourmet popcorn gift bags, and gourmet popcorn gift baskets. To round out the perfect gift for yourself or someone special, we also stock our delicious homemade fudge in sumptuous flavors like caramel chocolate peanut and classic milk chocolate. Shopping for someone with a big sweet tooth? Browse our wide selection of juicy jelly beans, tasty candy bars and sparkling soda pops. Looking for the best sno-balls in Baltimore? Look no further! We offer over 40 flavors of delicious sweet sno-balls every day. The best way to experience all that we have to offer is by planning a visit today! We are located within driving distance of Baltimore, Howard County, Washington, D.C, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.


EC Pops ships our gourmet popcorn throughout the United States so that you can enjoy a pop of joy wherever you are. Bagged popcorn is the perfect gift for your partner, your children, your hairdresser, your friends, and everyone else in your life that could use a little extra flavor. We stock 50+ flavors of the best gourmet popcorn online and make all of our flavors fresh immediately before shipping to ensure that they taste just as good in California as they do in Ellicott City.

We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

EC Pops is a gourmet popcorn purveyor owned and operated in Ellicott City, Maryland. We are proud to offer the best gourmet popcorn, locally-sourced sweets, refreshing sno-balls, delightful sodas, and gifts that the whole family can enjoy. Enjoy our popcorn wherever you are with bagged popcorn delivered straight to your door.

If you’re ready for a taste of Maryland’s favorite popcorn, visit our charming storefront to taste it for yourself. Our store is packed to the brim with your childhood favorites and modern twists on the classics including handcrafted gourmet popcorn, homemade fudge, refreshing sno-balls, and fun gifts. EC Pops always has at least 50 flavors in stock ranging from Great Garlic and Parmesan to Sea Salt Caramel —and you’ll get to try every last one!